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Safety precautions, Warranty

Safety precautions

Read the instruction manual and other attached manual before use the inverter, installing, operating, inspecting or maintaining the inverter unit.

Please gain a good understanding of the machine information, safety information and safety precautions.

There are two safety precaution subjects, danger and warning, in the instruction manual.


Means that improper use or handing could cause the risk of death or serious injury.


Means that improper use or handing could cause injury to persons (*1) or damage to property (*2).

*1)  "Injury to persons" refer to injuries, burns, electric shocks, and so on, that do not oblige the injured persons to be hospitalized or go to a hospital for a long period of time for medical treatment.
*2)  "Damage to property" includes all kinds of losses resulting from it.

There is the possibility that the items written in the warning section expand to serious results.Strictly observe the instructions.



Represents prohibition ( what you must not do ).
What you must not do is described in or near this symbol by a picture or words


Represents mandatory items ( what you must do ).
What you must do is described in or near this symbol by a picture or words


Represent caution
What you must do or not do for safety is described in or near this symbol by a picture or words

Limits in purpose

This inverter is used for controlling speeds of three-phase induction motors in general industrial use.

Safety Precautions

  • This product is an electronic component for general industrial uses in industrial application. It cannot be used for applications where may cause a significant public impact, such as power stations, railways and other places, and for uses that will require special quality control or warranty.
    Neither is it applicable to equipment (for nuclear power, airplanes, aerospace, public transport, life support, surgeries and various safety and entertainment devices) to which the failure or malfunction of this product could pose a direct risk or threat to human life.
    If you wish to use the product for limited purposes and the product is understood to require no special quality control or warranty, please contact us before purchase to evaluate if the usage is applicable.
  • Please ensure in advance that the product is appropriately placed and installed in your own device or system, fulfilling the intended purpose.
    The equipment designer or the customers who assembles the final product shall be held liable for the selection and application of the product. We are not responsible for how the product is incorporated into the final system design.
    When using the product, please systematically back up your data or safety devices so that any failure or malfunction of the product will not cause any significant accidents.
  • Even if the product is found to be inapplicable for conditions above after purchasing or using the product, the product will remain inapplicable for such conditions.
  • Do not use the product for any load other than with general industry three-phase induction motors and interior permanent magnet (IPM) motors.
  • Please read the instruction manual carefully before installing or operating the product and use it properly.
  • If you are exporting this product by itself or embedded in equipment from Japan, evaluate the informed and objective conditions based on Catch-all control by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and follow the required export protocol

  • Sticking caution labels

    Here are examples of caution labels designed to prevent accidents caused by an inverter, a motor or a machine.
    When selecting the automatic restart function or the retry function, stick the applicable label to a conspicuous position.

    Please stick the caution label to a conspicuous position when selecting the sequence that automatically restarts the machine after recovery from a mini power failure.
    [An example of the restart caution label] An example of the restart caution label

    Please stick the caution label to a conspicuous position when selecting the retry function.
    [An example of the restart caution label] An example of the restart caution label


    Warranty period

    This product’s warranty period is 12 months after the purchase, or 18 months from the date of manufacture printed on the rating plate, whichever precedes the other.
    The warranty period of repaired products will not exceed the warranty period before the repair takes place.

    Scope of warranty

    If a product failure is found during the warranty period due to our negligence, please return the product to Toshiba distributor of purchase, for a replacement or repair of the defective component.
    The warranty shall only cover the purchased or delivered product itself.
    The following circumstances will incur paid service even before the warranty period expires.

    • Product replacement or repair when the product is not returned
    • Product failure or damage due to misuse, inappropriate repair or modification of the product
    • Product failure or damage for reasons such as but not limited to a fall after purchase, an accident during transport, or handling (e.g. smoking) during transport
    • Product failure or damage by natural disasters or unforeseeable external causes such as but not limited to fire, salt exposure, gas exposure, earthquakes, storms, floods, lightning and abnormal voltage
    • Product failure or damage by use under inappropriate circumstances, environments or use not suggested in the product catalog or instruction manual, or use not complying with the original use intended for the product
    • Product failure or damage by the lack of proper maintenance or replacement of expiring parts suggested in the instruction manual
    • In case the product is embedded in your equipment, product failure or damage by causes irrelevant to the product, such as the design of your equipment and software
    • In case the product is embedded in your equipment, product failure that could have been avoided if your equipment had featured a safety device in compliance with the law that governs your equipment, or any feature or structure that is considered the norm by the industry standard
    • Any product failure or damage by accidents that were unforeseeable with the technological standard at shipment

    Warranty exemptions

    Irrespective of the warranty period, the warranty shall not cover the following conditions.

    • Compensation for any damage not attributed to our negligence
    • Compensation for any loss of business opportunity or income caused by failure of the product
    • All liabilities and compensations for any damage, secondary damage, accidents, damage to any entity that is not the product and damage to any other operations that arise from special circumstances, that we may or may not foresee.
    • Any compensations for the results of your product replacement, readjustment of the local equipment after replacement, launch test, inspections, or any other operations

    Service after the stop production

    Please ask Toshiba distributor of purchase about the stop of production and repair work for each product.