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Energy saving

General purpose inverter

Toshiba is the pioneer of transistor based inverter in the world, and also realized the low acoustic motor noise by the sinusoidal-wave PWM control and IGBT device drive.  Toshiba has the wide range of inverter from small to large capacity, simple to system use drive. We proudly introduce our newest model, VF-S15, VF-AS1 and VF-PS1.
Compact Inverter High performance Inverter Fan and Pump
Application Inverter
  • [ Input power voltage and applicable motor capacity ]
    1 phase 240V : 0.2 - 2.2kW
    3 phase 240V : 0.4 - 15kW
    3 phase 500V : 0.4 - 15kW
  • In high PM motor of the energy-saving effect, a drive is possible at a standard.
  • Long life design and built-in noise filter at all models.
  • Easy to set with a big setting dial!
  • World standards, CE, UL, CSA
  • [ Input power voltage and applicable motor capacity ]
    200V : 0.4 - 75kW
    400V : 0.75 - 500kW
  • Built-in noise filter
  • More than 200% torque even at 0.5Hz by the sensor-less vector control
  • Torque control available, suitable for winding application
  • Vector control with a sensor: speed control mode, torque control mode
  • Built-in DC reactor
    (200V 11~45kW
    400V 18.5~75kW)
  • [ Input power voltage and applicable motor capacity ]
    200V : 0.4 - 90kW
    400V : 0.75 - 630kW
  • Automatic energy-saving mode
  • Commercial power / inverter operation switch
    PID control
  • Auto-restart after a momentary power failure
  • Preset-speed operation
  • Built-in noise filter
  • Built-in DC reactor
    (200V 11~45kW
    400V 18.5~75kW)

>>>Effect of the energy saving for fan, pump applications
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