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Product information

TOSVERT VF-PS1 TOSVERT VF-PS1: How to use Capacity range
3 phase 200V-0.4~90kW
3 phase 400V-0.75~630kW
3 phase 500V-1.5~500kW
3 phase 575V-2.0~700HP
3 phase 690V-2.2~630kW
3 phase 400V-0.75~90kW (IP54)

[Open the carton box and trial run]

[Detaching the cover](Main circuit terminal cover for up to 200V 15kW, 400V 18.5kW)
To wire the main circuit terminal for models 200V-15kW or smaller and 400V-18.5kW or smaller, remove the main circuit terminal cover in line with the steps given below.

Detaching the cover

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[Connection of power supply and motor]
Please connect the power supply cable to R/L1, S/L2 and T/L3. (RED area)
Please connect the motor cable to U/T1, V/T2 and W/T3. (BLUE area)
- Regarding cable size and selection of wiring devices, please refer the list of "Wiring device".
Connection of power supply and motor

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[Turning on the power supply]
When turning on the power supply, the VF-PS1 indicates HALLO , first. After that, it changes 0.0 , automatically.

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[Panel operation]
The default setting of VF-PS1 series is operated by external signals.
- RUN and STOP by a contact input
- Frequency setting by an analog signal (0 to 10Vdc).
When you execute trial run, it is necessary to set the following parameter.

[Setting procedure]
Setting procedure
[How to operate] Example of operation panel control

[Steps for returning all parameters to standard default setting]
If you need parameter setting to default, please execute the following steps.
Steps for returning all parameters to standard default setting

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