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Product information

Optional devices
Optional devices

AC reactor

DC reactor

EMI filter

Braking resistor

dv/dt filter

Remote keypad

USB converter unit

for each series

AC reactor (AC choke)
AC reactor This is used to improve the input power factor of the inverter power supply, reduce harmonics or suppress external surges. Install this option when the power supply capacity is 500 kVA or more and the power supply capacity is 10 times or more than that of the inverter's capacity, or when a distortiongenerating source such as a thyristor or a large-capacity inverter is connected to the same wiring leads.

Note: In case of TOSVERT VF-S15, VF-nC3 and VF-S11, the maximum capacity of transformer is 200kVA.

Comparison of AC reactor and DC reator
Reactor Efficiency
Power factor improvement Harmonics reduction External surge voltage reduction
Ac reactor o o o
DC reactor oo oo x

oo: Yes (Effect large)
o: Yes
x: No

The DC reactor is more effective than the input reactor in improving the power factor. We recommend joint use of the input reactor, that is effective in suppressing external surges, when facilities where the inverter is to be applied require high reliability.

  • Built-in DC reactor: TOSVERT VF-AS1/VF-PS1 200V-11 to 45kW, 400V-18.5 to 75kW as standard
  • It is necessary to install a DC reactor for TOSVERT VF-AS1/VF-PS1 200V-55kW, 400V-90kW or larger.

Connection diagram
AC reactor Please install an AC reactor in primary side of inverters. There is not polarity between 'U, V, W' and 'X, Y, X'.
AC reactor In case of using control power supply backup unit (option: CPS002Z) on VF-AS1/VF-PS1, please connect CPS002Z wiring to secondary side of an AC reactor.
AC reactor For VFAS1 400V class 355 to 500kW and VFPS1 400V class 500 to 630kW, be sure to connect the AC reactor in parallel.

External dimensions
AC reactor AC reactor
AC reactor AC reactor
AC reactor AC reactor
Typeform Rating W H D H2 A E F G T K Fig Terminal Weight
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg
PFL-2001S3 phase-230V-1.7A-50/60Hz1056511590555ATerminal block M3.51
PFL-2005S3 phase-230V-5.5A-50/60Hz10511572.5-90555---ATerminal block M3.51.2
PFL-2011S3 phase-230V-11A-50/60Hz13014085-115605---ATerminal block M42.3
PFL-2018S3 phase-230V-18A-50/60Hz13014085-115605---ATerminal block M42.5
PFL-2025S3 phase-230V-25A-50/60Hz125130100-50837---BTerminal block M42.6
PFL-2050S3 phase-230V-50A-50/60Hz155140115-50957---BTerminal block M63.4
PFL-2100S3 phase-230V-100A-50/60Hz230210150-60908---BTerminal block M88.2
PFL-2150S3 phase-230V-150A-50/60Hz175220160290601108---CSolderless terminal 60-1011.3
PFL-2200S3 phase-230V-200A-50/60Hz1952401703206511510---CSolderless terminal 80-1015.1
PFL-2300S3 phase-230V-300A-50/60Hz2352802003707512810---CSolderless terminal 150-1023.1
PFL-2400S3 phase-230V-400A-50/60Hz260330230-9020012300913D13 holes30
PFL-4012S3 phase-460V-12.5A-50/60Hz12513095-50797---BTerminal block M42.3
PFL-4025S3 phase-460V-25A-50/60Hz155155110-50947---BTerminal block M44.9
PFL-4050S3 phase-460V-50A-50/60Hz155165140-501127---BTerminal block M66.6
PFL-4100S3 phase-460V-100A-50/60Hz235250170-7510510---BTerminal block M817.6
PFL-4150S3 phase-460V-150A-50/60Hz2352801903607511510---CSolderless terminal 80-1020.3
PFL-4300S3 phase-460V-300A-50/60Hz260380230-9020012280913D13 holes38
PFL-4400S3 phase-460V-400A-50/60Hz260380230-9020012300913D13 holes42
PFL-4600S3 phase-460V-600A-50/60Hz440465290-280250154451218Eφ1875
PFL-4800S3 phase-460V-800A-50/60Hz440540290-280250154451218Eφ1890
PFL-4450S3 phase-480V-450A-50/60Hz385230320-34022511250-13F13 holes68
PFL-4613S3 phase-480V-613A-50/60Hz400245385-40030013.526.5-13F13 holes85

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