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Product information

Optional devices
Optional devices

AC reactor

DC reactor

EMI filter

Braking resistor

dv/dt filter

Remote keypad

USB converter unit

for each series

dv/dt filter (for 400V class only)
On systems that run 400 V class general-purpose motors by voltage-type PWM system inverters using ultra high-speed switching devices (e.g. IGBT), surge voltage, that is dependent on cable length, cable laying methods, cable constants, and other factors, sometimes causes the insulation of the motor winding to deteriorate. For this reason, measures for suppressing surge voltage are performed by installing a DC reactor or surge suppression filter on the inverter output end where the insulation-reinforced motor is used.
External dimensions, Connection diagram
dv/dt filter
dv/dt filter
dv/dt filter
Typeform Applied motor capacity A B C D E F G Fig Terminal
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg
MSF-4015Z0.4, 0.75, 1.531025530020027055189AM4M412
MSF-4037Z2.2, 3.731025530020027055209AM4M420
MSF-4075Z5.5, 7.531031535020032055249AM5M430
MSF-4150Z11, 1533035040020037065289AM6M540
MSF-4220Z18.5, 2233040040020037065279AM6M552
MSF-4370Z30, 3742637551226049083350BM8M575
MSF-4550Z45, 5545039563226061095365CM10M5110

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