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Compact, simple inverter TOSVERT VF-nC1

Capacity range;
1 phase 100V-0.1~0.75kW
1 phase 200V-0.2~2.2kW
3 phase 200V-0.1~2.2kW
1 phase 200V-0.2~2.2kW
(built-in EMC filter)
Compact simple inverter
  1. Easy to Wire and Install
  2. Easy to Select
  3. Easy to Set Up and Operate

1.Easy to Wire and Install

Side by side installation Like most internal power distribution and control devices, the VF-nC1 has avertical main circuit terminal board for smoother installation in switchboards.Wiring set-up is further improved by the use of captive screws on the maincircuit terminal board. The VF-nC1 may also be installed side by side to savespace.

2.Easy to Select

General-purpose Toshiba inverters have been developed for "Compliance with Global Standards." The three main series: thethree-phase 200V, single-phase 200V and single-phase 100V series, comply with major international standards in addition,several series of European models with a built-in EMI noise filter are also available. All of them have a wide range offunctions. CE, UL, CSA

3.Easy to Set Up and Operate

Torque characteristics

Ex.Sensorless Vector control
3 phase 200V 0.4kW

Even novice inverter users can operate the VF-nC1 without difficulty byusing the RUN and STOP keys and the frequency adjusting knob on theoperation panel. The design also allows most functions be controlledfrom the input terminals. A wizard function helps users withcomplicated settings. Other functions, which allow easy operation of theVF-nC1, include a vector control function (which improves the torquecharacteristic), a PI control function (useful for fans and pumps), and a15-speed preset function.