Toshiba Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation

Compact inverter VF-S11

Input voltage/Capacity range:
1 phase 200V-0.2~2.2kW
3 phase 200V-0.4~15kW
3 phase 400V-0.4~15kW
3 phase 600V-0.75~15kW
1 phase 200V-0.2~2.2kW (IP54)
3 phase 400V-0.75~3.7kW (IP54)
Compact inverter
  1. For users who need large starting torque
  2. For users troubled by electromagnetic noise
  3. For users with limited installation space
  4. For users who place importance on maintenance
  5. For users who need expandability
  6. For users who need a wide capacity and range of models

1.For users who need large starting torque

Example of torque data
When a TOSHIBA standard 3-phase 220V - 2.2 kWmotor is driven by the VFS11-2022PM afterparameters are set.
Conveyors, hoists, stairway elevators, and other conveyancemachinery often need a large torque at startup. The VF-S11incorporates a TOSHIBA proprietary control system -- currentvector calculation control -- to generate starting torque of 1Hz -200% or more*. This provides sufficient leeway in applications thatrequire large starting torque.
*When a TOSHIBA standard 4-pole motoris the drive source(Torque may differaccording to voltage and model.)

2.For users troubled by electromagnetic noise

Equipment such as commercial ironing boards, car washers andindoor running machines, that are used in the fields of health,medicine and welfare care, the environment and in our daily lives,cause a great deal of trouble tothe surrounding area if theygenerate electromagnetic noise.The VF-S11 incorporates a noisefilter in its compact body todrastically reduce any generatedelectromagnetic noise. The VFS11also complies with the EUEMC Directive. Example of generated noise data

3.For users with limited installation space

Side-by-side installation
The VF-S11 has been downsized considerably in comparisonwith conventional models. In addition, side-by-side installationmeans that you can further save space as two or more units canbe installed in close proximity next to each other.

4.For users who place importance on maintenance

Fans, pumps, blowers, and air-conditioning equipment must bemaintained on a regular basis. The VF-S11 monitors theexpected replacement period of spare parts and outputs analarm to serve as a rough guideline for when to performmaintenance. Capacitors on the main circuit have beendesigned to have a life of 10 years*. In addition, the VF-S11 canbe used in an ambient temperature of up to 60 degreeC anddemonstrates excellent environmental resistance.
Ambient temperature: annual average 40 degree, output current: 80% of ratedcurrent, 24-hour operation 365 days per year

5.For users who need expandability

Detachable terminal board
You often need to control and monitor systems by communications,for example, in building air-conditioning systems and plant line controlsystems.As well as being highly expandable, the VFS11uses a detachable type of controlterminal board, which allows you to easilymount optionally available communicationboards (RS-485, DeviceNet* andLONWORKS®).

* DeviceNet is a registered trademarks of ODVA(OpenDeviceNet Vendor Association)
* LONWORKS® is a registered trademarks of EchelonCorporation

6.For users who need a wide capacity and range of models

For obtaining spare parts and easy maintenance for the samemachinery and facilities, wouldn't you like a lineup of the samekind of inverters?
For an inverter in its class, the VF-S11 boasts a broad capacityrange extending up to 15 kW. The VF-S11 also comes in alineup of totally enclosed box types that can be used in severeinstallation environments subject to lots of water and dust.