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Product information


For distributor, only.
Manuals in website are latest information.
ALL (PDF; 56.2 M byte)
Cover (PDF; 0.1 M byte)
I.Safty precautions (PDF; 2.0 M byte)
II.Introduction (PDF; 0.1 M byte)
Contents (PDF; 0.1 M byte)
1.Read first (PDF; 3.0 M byte)
2.Installation and wiring (PDF; 14.2 M byte)
3.[Basic operation] Operation panel and screen display (PDF; 2.5 M byte)
4.[Basic operation]Operation methods of motor (PDF; 8.1 M byte)
5.[Fundamental operation]How to use parameters (PDF; 7.3 M byte)
6.[Advanced]How to use parameters 6.1 Output signals from the control terminals (PDF; 3.6 M byte)
6.[Advanced]How to use parameters 6.10 Jog run (PDF; 3.1 M byte)
6.[Advanced]How to use parameters 6.23 Setting of motor parameters (PDF; 3.0 M byte)
6.[Advanced]How to use parameters 6.30 Setting the protection functions (PDF; 5.1 M byte)
7.Operating using external signals (PDF; 1.9 M byte)
8.Monitoring operation status (PDF; 1.8 M byte)
9.Measures to satisfy standards (PDF; 1.2 M byte)
10.Selection and installation of peripheral devices (PDF; 4.0 M byte)
11.Table of parameters (PDF; 0.5 M byte)
12.Specifications (PDF; 2.2 M byte)
13.Before making a service call (PDF; 1.1 M byte)
14.Maintenance and inspection (PDF; 1.0 M byte)
15.Warranty (PDF; 0.1 M byte)
16.Disposal (PDF; 0.1 M byte)
Back cover (PDF; 0.1 M byte)
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