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Release the Setup Software "PCS001Z-0"

  Release the communication software "PCS001Z-0". The PCS001Z-0 will be simply parameter setting for inverter by several wizard function and serial communication.

To connect between inverter and PC, it is necessary RS20035-0 (communication cable within RS232C converter).

PCS001Z-0 is free download in MEMBER's Area.

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Release the "TOSVERT VF-nC1" with EMC filter model

Ultra compact inverter, "TOSVERT VF-nC1, has new lineup that is included EMC filter.

Conformity standard EN55011 Group-1 Class-B
Type-Form VFNC1S-2002PL 0.2kW
VFNC1S-2004PL 0.4kW
VFNC1S-2007PL 0.75kW
VFNC1S-2015PL 1.5kW
VFNC1S-2022PL 2.2kW
Input voltage class Single-phase 200V input
Output voltage class 3-phasee 200V output

An estimate, an inquiry: Contact to
URL: http://www3.toshiba.co.jp/sic/english/
e-mail: gen_inv@jsh.toshiba.co.jp

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Established "ST Inverter America, inc."

  ST Inverter America, inc. was formed as a USA company under the wings of Schneider Toshiba Inverter Corporation that is a joint venture in the industrial inverter field bringing together Toshiba and Schneider Electric in France to operate the Inverter Business in a global scale.
Thereby, the global network of our company is further substantial.

Company Name: ST Inverter America, Inc.
Date Established: Oct.1.2002
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
President: Yoichi Morishima

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Release the communication cable within RS232C converter

  The communication between inverter and personal computer (MS-Windows®) becomes simply to connect, because of cable within RS232C converter.
Previous method has one RS232C converter unit and two cable (inverter and RS232C converter, RS232C converter and PC).
To use this cable, RS20035-0, and communication sofytware, PCM001Z-0, will be shown new solution about inverter application.

[Practical use example of PCM001Z-0 / RS20035-0]

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Release the TOSVERT VF-nC1.

  Release the Ultra-Compact, Easy-To-Use inverter "TOSVERT VF-nC1".

[ Input power voltage and applicable motor capacity ]
1 phase 200V 0.1 kW to 2.2kW
3 phase 200V 0.2 kW to 2.2kW
1 phase 100V 0.1 kW to 0.75kW
 Note: Applicable motor is 200V-3ph.

-Vertical main circuit terminal board
-Captive screws on the main circuit terminal board
-Be installed side by side to save space
-Compliance with Global Standards (CE, UL, CSA etc.)
-Wizard function helps users with complicated settings
-Vector control function (which improves the torque characteristic)
-PI control function
-15 speed preset function

[Products information]

An estimate, an inquiry: Contact to
URL: http://www3.toshiba.co.jp/sic/english/
e-mail: gen_inv@jsh.toshiba.co.jp

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PCM001Z-0(communication software) upgrades to version V008

  PCM001Z-0(communication software for windows®) upgrades for VF-nC1.

[Applied inverter series]

[Feature of PCM001Z-0]
-Parameter's Edit, Save and Printing function.
-Operation by panel function.
-Tracing by monitor function.

To connect between inverter and PC, it is necessary CAB0025(cable for PC), CAB001*(cable for inverter) , RS2001Z(RS232C converter unit).
RS20035-0(cable within RS232C converter):Coming soon!

PCM001Z-0 is free download in MEMBER's Area.

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VFS9 upgrades to version 111

  VFS9 upgrades to version 111 for getting more comfortable functions.

Additional functions
1. Drooping control
2. Quick deceleration control with overexcitation
3. Auto-restart control selection for changing commercial power supply by external signal
4. Deceleration stop at regenerative power ride-through control
5. Fire speed control
6. Sensorless vector control for Low-speed stable
7. Inter-drive communication and Free memorize
8. Motor shaft fixing control
9. Auto stop of continuous running at Low limit frequency
10. Panel jog run mode
11. VIA analog input line break detection

If an upgrade article is needed, please require of a purchase store.

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Renewal the line-up of VFA7 (Add the 200V-110k, 132kW)

  High performance inverter "VF-A7" has new line-up that is including 200V-110kW, 132kW.

VFA7-2110KP1 (200V-110kW)
VFA7-2132KP1 (200V-132kW)

[Standard Specifications]

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Press release: New Compact Inverter "TOSVERT VF-nC1"

 We plan to release the New Compact Inverter "TOSVERT VF-nC1" in Jun/2002.
 VF-nC1 has the specification to install several products as side-by-side because of improved cooling efficiency.   Therefore the installing area can decrease about 40% than our previous model.

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Release the "TOSVERT VF-A7 TRAVERSE version"

 Release the "TOSVERT VF-A7 TRAVERSE version" for the textile industry use.
 To use this VFA7's version, VFA7 has traverse control that is automatically changing the winder speed to increasing or decreasing.
[Timing chart of Traverse control]

Type-Form of VFA7's TRAVERSE version: VFA7-****PY-A14

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Renewal the line-up of RC7 (Add the RC7-4055B)

 Regenerated converter "RC7" had the lineup of RC7-4055B. This product can regenerate 9.3kW to source power and has 13A rated regenerating current.

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Release the regenerative braking unit "RC7"

  RC7 is the regenerative braking unit which is used in combination with inverter, and can be used for continuous braking or frequent braking application by the return back the regenerative energy to power supply.
  [Input power voltage and applicable motor capacity ]
    3 phase 200V 5.5 kW, 11kW, 22 kW
    (Other voltage and capacity are designable )

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Release the Harmonic suppression converter "SC7"

  SC7 is the harmonic suppression PWM converter which controls the input current waveform close to sinusoidal-wave by the unique control method. SC7 solves the harmonic problems at input power side of inverter, and improve power factor to 1.
  [Input power voltage and applicable motor capacity ]
    3 phase 200V 22 kW to 110 kW
    3 phase 400V 22 kW to 315 kW

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Established "Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation"

  Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation was established with the aim of an inverter supplier that would lead the global market of the 21st century by merging the General-purpose inverter business of TOSHIBA and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation took over the inverter business from the Industrial Electronic Equipment Division of Toshiba Industrial Products Manufacturing Corporation and will undertake product planning.

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Release the "TOSVERT VF-A7 New Version (P1-type)"

  The models 37kW or more of high performance inverter VFA7 changed in more comfortable.
It became more compact and was possible to connect PWM converter in standard.

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Release the "TOSVERT VF-P7" for variable torque applications.

  VF-P7 is the inverter for variable torque applications, and has the same functions, panel operation and parameters as the high performance inverter VF-A7.
  [ Input power voltage and applicable motor capacity ]
    3 phase 200V 18.5 kW to 110kW
    3 phase 400V 18.5 kW to 315kW

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