Toshiba Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation


Company Name
Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation
Date Establishment
Registered address
1-19-30, Aoi, Higashi Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, 461-0004, Japan MAZAK ART PLAZA 13F
490 million yen
Overview of Business
Development, design, manufacture and testing of industrial inverters
Schneider Toshiba Inverter Corporation

Head/branch Office

Nagoya Office 1-19-30, Aoi, Higashi-Ku, Nagoya-City, Aichi Prefecture,
461-0004, Japan MAZAK ART PLAZA 13F
Phone: +81-(0)52-217-9041
Mie Operation 2121, Nao, Asahi-Cho, Mie-gun, Mie Prefecture,
510-8521, Japan

Quality System

International Standard ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Assurance System

Based on IS09001:2015 comforming quality system, all our departments from products planning to customer service activities cooperate with each other and enforce the design review in each stage in development and manufacturing of high quality and high reliability products with built-in power to offer customer satisfaction.

Certificate of approval of Environmental Management System applied standard ISO14001:2015

In the 21st century, environment conservation on a global scale will assume greater importance in the above until now. Our role in this is to keep providing the inverters, Which contribute to the saving energy operation and are friendly environmentally. Rather, our business activity will be developed on the basis of the stringent environmental control system.