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Inline duct fans [Fans, Pumps, Compressors]

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In case of "Inline duct fan", it is usually installed following operation methods:
- RUN and STOP operations by remote controls.
- Preset speed operations.

  Preset speed operations

Preset speed (low, moddel, high) operations are necessary to connect like as the following table on the VF-nC3 series.
F S1 S2 R Operating ferquency
o - - - Set by an internal potentiometer
o o - - 20 Hz (Preset speed 1)
o - o - 40 Hz (Preset speed 2)
o - - o 60 Hz (Preset speed 4)

* "o" means that the signal turns on.
* The function of "R" termial is necessary to change "Reverse operation" to "Preset speed command 3".

   Connection diagram of the VF-nC3

Connection of VF-nC3

   Setting table for the VF-nC3

The following table shows settings of "remote control" and "preset speed operation" for TOSVERT VF-nC3.
And we recommend to set function of "auto-restart control" for "power failure".
Title Function Setting range Recommended setting

Command mode selection 0: Remote, 1: Local 0
Preset speed frequency 1 Low limit frequency[LL] ~ Upper limit frequency[UL] 20 Hz
Preset speed frequency 2 Low limit frequency[LL] ~ Upper limit frequency[UL] 40 Hz
Preset speed frequency 4 Low limit frequency[LL] ~ Upper limit frequency[UL] 60 Hz

Input terminal function (R) 0 to 201 14

Auto-restart control selection 0 to 4 1

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