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Slicers [Food machines]

 Merits of inverter drives

Slicers with inverters have the following merits:
- Tact time improving
- Freely cutting width
- Stable speed with the sensor-less vector control
- 'Emergency stop' without mechanial brakes.
- Possible to use a 3-phase motor with single-phase power supply.
- If you need enclosure models to avoid 'mist' or 'cutting rubbish', we prepare IP54(IP55) models of VF-S11.

What is IP(Protective construction)?

This code is a standardization by IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission).

A: Solids protection
B: Liquids protection
Usually, the general purpose inverter is IP20 or IP00

CLASS [A] degree CLASS [B] degree
0 None 0 None
1 The hand or something of 50mm diameter don't invade the inside. 1 Water spray in vertical directions
2 Against solids over 12mm 2 Water spray in vertical directions (+/-15 degree)
3 Against solids over 2.5mm 3 Water spray in vertical directions (+/-60 degree)
4 Against solids over 1mm 4 Water spray in all directions
5 Limited dust ingress 5 Low pressure jets in all directions
6 Total dust protection 6 High pressure jets in all directions

7 Immersion below 1m while 10 minutes

8 Immersion below 1m

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