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Slicers [Food machines]

 Application samples

In case of "Slicer", it is usually installed following operation method:
- RUN and STOP by remote control.
- Speed adjustment by analog input(0-10V)
- Stable speed by sensor-less vector control
- Emergency stop

  Connection of inveters

In a cutter part, please install a braking resistor for emergency stop.

   Connection diagram of inveters (VF-S15)
Connection of VF-S15

  Setting table for inverters (VF-S15)

You have to set the motor parameter with sensor-less vector control.

1. Parameter setting
Title Function Setting range Recommended setting
Command mode selection 0: Remote, 1: Local, etc. 0
Frequency setting mode selection 0: Built-in potentiometer, 1: VIA, 2: VIB, etc. 1
Acceleration time 1 0.0 ~ 3600 sec depends on your system
Deceleration time 1 0.0 ~ 3600 sec depends on your system
Input terminal function (S3) 0 to 203 20
Dynamic braking 0: Disabled, 1: Enabled, etc. 1
Selection of emergency stop 0: Coast stop, 1: Deceleration stop, 2: Injection brake 2

2. Parameter setting for sensor-less vector control
Title Function
Base frequency [Hz]
Voltage at base frequency [V]
Motor rated capacity [kW]
Motor rated current [A]
Motor rated rotation [min-1]

3. Execute "AU2(Automatic torque-up function) = 2"
  This function automatically executes "Pt" and "F400".
   Pt(V/f control selection) = 3(Sensor-less vector control)
   F400(Auto-tuning) = 2(Enabled)
The auto-tuning is enabled at the first operation command. please be careful of your rotating motor shaft.

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