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Shrink wrapping machines [Wrapping machines]

 Merits of inverter drives

Shrink wrapping machines with inverters have the following merits:
- Improving of a tact time
- Freely conveyer speed
- Stable speed with the sensor-less vector control
- Conveyer speed indication by 'frequency free unit display magnification'
- Wide range of input power supply voltage

Rated power supply of inverters

Power supply Motor capacity Type
Single phase, 100V
(100 ~ 115Vac)
0.1 ~ 0.75kW (3 phase, 200V) VF-nC3
Single phase, 200V
(200 ~ 240Vac)
0.2 ~ 2.2kW (3 phase, 200V) VF-nC3, VF-S15
3 phase, 200V
(200 ~ 240Vac)
0.1 ~ 90kW (3 phase, 200V) VF-nC3, VF-S15, VF-AS1, VF-PS1
3 phase, 400V
(380 ~ 500Vac)
0.4 ~ 15kW (3 phase, 400V) VF-S15
3 phase, 400V
(380 ~ 480Vac)
0.75 ~ 630kW (3 phase, 400V) VF-AS1, VF-PS1
Notice: In single phase input model, the output voltage is satuated over 80% speed.
In this case, please decrease the output torque.

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