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Dryers [Farm machines]

 Application samples

In case of dryers (used with fans, screw conveyers and bucket conveyers), each motor can be controlled by the inverter using the following methods:
- The internal temperature and humidity are controlled by the fans.
- The conveyer speed depends on the volume of conveyance.

In almost all cases, there are two or more frequency controllers in the dryer.

Examples of external controller use:
- Synchronous run and stop operation
- Analog signal input for conveyers
- Analog signal input for fans
- The temperature sensor signal input
- Emergency stop when an abnormal temperature or an abnormal speed occurs.

  Connection diagram of inverters to bucket conveyers (VF-S15)

Bucket conveyers have motors with mechanical brakes.
In this case, the low speed detection signal(RY and RC terminals) can be used as the releasing signal of the brake.
In addition, the following functions are installed:
- Emergency stop signal
- Braking resistor installation

Connection of VF-S15

  Setting table for inverters for bucket conveyers (VF-S15)

Title Function Setting range Recommended setting
Command mode selection 0: Remote, 1: Local, etc. 0
Frequency setting mode selection 0: Built-in potentiometer, 1: VIA, 2: VIB, etc. 1
Acceleration time 1 0.0 ~ 3600 Depends on the system
Deceleration time 1 0.0 ~ 3600 Depends on the system
Low speed signal output frequency 0 ~ Maximum frequency [FH] 2
Input terminal selection 6 (S3) 0 ~ 203 20
Dynamic braking selection 0: Disabled, 1: Enabled, etc. 1

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