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Lathes [Machine tools]

 Application samples

In case of Lathes, motors can be controlled by the inverter using the following methods:
- Speed adjustment by an analog input
- 3 wire type operations with momentary switches
- Emergency stop signal input
- Braking resistor installation

  Connection of inverters (VF-S15)

Connection of VF-S15

  Setting table for inverters (VF-S15)

Title Function Setting range Recommended setting
Command mode selection 0: Remote, 1: Local, etc. 0
Frequency setting mode selection 0: Built-in potentiometer, 1: VIA, 2: VIB, etc. 1
Acceleration time 1 0.0 ~ 3600 Depends on the system
Deceleration time 1 0.0 ~ 3600 Depends on the system
Input terminal selection 4 (S1) 0 ~ 203 20
(Emergency stop)
Input terminal selection 6 (S3) 0 ~ 203 50
Dynamic braking selection 0: Disabled, 1: Enabled, etc. 1

  Explanation of three-wire operations (one-touch operations)

You can carry out operation by simply pressing the ON/OFF button.

3 wire control

Selecting HD (operation holding) with the input terminal selection parameter.
Select HD (operation holding) using the input terminal selection parameter and turn HD on to get the inverter ready or operation or turn HD off to stop operation.

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