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Extruders [Molding machines]

 Application samples

In case of Extruders, motors can be controlled by the inverter using the following methods:
- Speed adjustment and run/stop operation by an external controller
- Torque monitoring
- Emergency stop signal input
  You can select a stop method from the "coast stop", the "slowdown stop" and the "emergency DC braking".

  Connection of inverters (VF-S15)

Connection of VF-S15

  Setting table for inverters (VF-S15)

Title Function Setting range Recommended setting
Command mode selection 0: Remote, 1: Local, etc. 0
Frequency setting mode selection 0: Built-in potentiometer, 1: VIA, 2: VIB, etc. 1
V/F control mode selection 0: V/F constant ~ 3, Vector control, etc. 3
Selection of analog output function 0: Output frequency, 1: Output current ~ 7: Output torque, etc. 7
Acceleration time 1 0.0 ~ 3600 Depends on the system
Deceleration time 1 0.0 ~ 3600 Depends on the system
Input terminal selection 6 (S3) 0 ~ 203 20
(Emergency stop)
Emergency stop selection 0: Coast stop, 1: Slowdown stop, 2: Emergency DC braking 2
Emergency DC braking time 0.0 ~ 20.0 Depends on the system

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