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Offset printing machines [Printing machines]


We recommend to use the following equipment for offset printing machines.
Inverters VF-AS1 series
PG feedback option VEC007Z
Motors V3 motor (with sensor)
Manufacturered by Toshiba Industrial Products Manufacturing Corporation.
Sensor cables CAB011-10M (Cable length: 10m)
CAB011-20M (Cable length: 20m)
CAB011-30M (Cable length: 30m)
Braking resistors The capacity of the braking resistor depends on the regenerating power.

Please refer to the manual "VF-AS1 with V3 motor" for combination VF-AS1 and V3 motor.
The capacity of VF-AS1 has to be larger than the capacity of the V3 motor.

Features of V3 motor:
- Base frequency: 52Hz
- Volatge at base frequency: 160V
- Rated rotation: 1500min-1(Maximum: 2400-1)
- PG pulse: 1000ppr

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