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 Notices regarding the use of inverter drives

- Vector control without sensor
Setting AU2 to 2 (vector control + auto-tuning) provides high starting torque bringing out the maximum in motor characteristics from the low-speed range. This suppresses changes in motor speed caused by fluctuations in load to provide high precision operation. This is an optimum feature for elevators and other load transporting machinery.

Default settings of inverters are for 4 poles, 60Hz, 200/400V motors as produced by TIPM.
(TIPM: Toshiba Industrial Products Manufacturing Corporation)
If motors are not made by TIPM, please set the following parameters before executing AU2.

In case of VF-S15
vL: Base frequency [Hz]
vLv: Voltage at base frequency [V]
F405: Motor rated capacity [kW]
F415: Motor rated current [A]
F417: Motor rated rotation [min-1]

In case of VF-AS1
vL: Base frequency [Hz]
vLv: Voltage at base frequency [V]
F405: Motor rated capacity [kW]
F406: Motor rated current [A]
F407: Motor rated rotation [min-1]
  NOTICE: After setting these parameter, please execute F400=4.

Conduct auto-tuning only after the motor has been connected and operation completely stopped. If auto-tuning is conducted immediately after operation stops, the presence of a residual voltage may result in abnormal tuning.
Voltage is applied to the motor during tuning even though it barely rotates. During tuning, "Atn1" is displayed on the operation panel.

- Electromagnetic noise
The inverter is generating "electromagnetic noise".
If there are some high accuracy sensors or other sensitive equipment near the inverter drive, the inverter's noise may cause some trouble or a malfunction.
Electromagnetic noise can be avoided by installing an external noise filter or using a different wiring method.

- Harmonics
The inverter is generating "harmonics".
These harmonics sometimes cause a malfunction in other control equipment that is connected to the same power source.
Harmonics can be avoided by installing an external "reactor".

To decrease "harmonics", we recommend to install DC reactors in all our inverter models.
(NOTE: 100V input models require AC reactors.)

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