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Chip cutters [Semiconductor manufacturing equipment]


When using high speed motors, the inverter capacity should be larger than the motor capacity.
When choosing inverters for chip cutters, please pay attention to the following key points:
- Maximum frequency
- Acceleration time
- Deceleration time
- Vibration

- Maximum frequency
In standard models of VF-S15 and VF-AS1, the maximum frequency is 500Hz (30000min-1).

- Acceleration/deceleration time
When setting of acceleration/deceleration times, please pay attention to the following potential problems:.
- In case of a short acceleration time: Stall or OC1 trip may occur.
- In case of a short deceleration time: OC2 trip or OP2 trip may occur.
To avoid these inverter trips, please calculate acceleration/deceleration time as follows:

ACC/DEC calculation

- Vibration
The output current of inverters don't form a sine waves. This can sometimes cause motor vibrations.
In high speed operation, please confirm the following:
- Vibrations are within the specified allowance.
- Avoid the resonance point of the machine system

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