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Chip cutters [Semiconductor manufacturing equipment]

 Application samples

Chip cutters usually use the following operating methods:

- RUN and STOP operations by remote control
- Frequency setting by operation panel (fixed frequency setting)
- Output signal when full acceleration has been reached.
- Emergency stop signal input

  Setting table for inverters (VF-AS1)

The following table shows parameter settings for VF-AS1 and a high speed motor(360Hz: 21600min-1) manufactured by TIPM.
TIPM: Toshiba Industrial Products Manufacturing Corporation

  S3 terminal: Emergency stop signal input
  OUT2 terminal: Output signal when full acceleration has been reached.
  Frequency setting by operation panel: Press up/down key/output frequency is shown on LED.

Title Function Setting range Recommended setting
Command mode selection 0 to 1 0
Frequency setting mode selection 1 0 to 6 4
Base frequency 1 25 to 500Hz 360
Maximum frequency 30 to 500Hz 360
Upper limit frequency 0.0 to Maximum frequency 360
Full acceleration setting frequency 0.0 to Upper limit frequency 360
Input terminal function selection 6 (S3) 0 to 135 20
Output terminal function selection 2 (OUT2) 0 to 255 8
Selection of short circuit detection at starting 0 to 5 2

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