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Washing machines [Commercial use]


When using high speed motors, the inverter capacity should be larger than the motor capacity.
When choosing inverters for washing machines, please pay attention to the following key points:
- Maximum frequency
- Minumum frequency
- Acceleration time
- Deceleration time

- Selection of number of motor poles
The load torque allowance of motors is decreasing at high speed.
Rated frequency: 60Hz
Operation frequency: 90Hz
  Load torque allowance: 100% / (90Hz / 60Hz) = 66.7%

When you operate a motor at a speed that is too high for its base frequency, the motor may stall.
Please keep the following inverter selection for washing machines:
  [Motor rated current] x 1.05 < [Inverter rated current]
  [Load torque at high speed] < [Motor allowable torque at high speed]

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