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Washing machines [Commercial use]

 Application samples

Washing machines usually use the following operating methods:

- RUN and STOP operations by remote control
- Preset speed control
  1. Low speed and forward run
  2. Low speed and reverse run
  3. High speed and forward run
- Second acceleration/deceleration time switching to aviod inverter trips at high speed.
- Emergency stop signal input
- Braking resistor installation
- Special motors for inverter drives

  Connection diagram of inverters (VF-S15)

Connection of VF-S15

  Setting table for inverters (VF-S15)

The following table shows parameter settings for VF-S15 and a motor(60Hz: 1800min-1) manufactured by TIPM.
TIPM: Toshiba Industrial Products Manufacturing Corporation

Title Function Setting range Recommended setting
Automatic torque boost 0 to 3 2
Command mode selection 0 to 4 0
Frequency setting mode selection 1 0 to 14 0 (Setting dial)
Acceleration time 1 0 to 3600 sec 30
Deceleration time 1 0 to 3600 sec 30
Maximum frequency 30 to 500 Hz 120
Upper limit frequency 0.0 to Maximum frequency 120
Electronic-thermal protection characteristic selection 0 to 7 4
Preset speed frequency 1 LL to UL 6
Preset speed frequency 2 LL to UL 120
Input terminal selection 6 (S3) 0 to 203 20
Dynamic braking selection 0: Disabled, 1: Enabled, etc. 1
Motor rated capacity 0.01 to 22kW Depends on the motor
Motor rated current 0.1 to 100A Depends on the motor
Motor rated speed 100 to 64000-1 Depends on the motor
Acceleration time 2 0.1 to 3600 sec 60
Deceleration time 2 0.1 to 3600 sec 60
Acceleration/deceleration 1 and 2 switching frequency 0.0 to Upper limit frequency 60

After setting these parameters, please perform the following steps:

(1) Connect the motor wiring.
(2) Turn on the start signal.

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