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Overhead travelling cranes [Hoisting equipment]

 Merits of inverter drives

Overhead travelling cranes with inverters have the following merits:

- Inverters can keep the load from swinging by smoothing acceleration/deceleration.
Using S-pattern acceleration/deceleration, inverters start and stop cranes more smoothly.
In addition, the vector control without sensors can support stable speed.

- Inverters can control descendent speed.
Usually, hoisting equipment has mechanical brakes to avoid increasing speed in downward operation.
However, inverters use braking resistors for this purpose.

- Inverters can detect overload.
Inverters support the following functions:
  Torque limit function
  Overtorque protection

- Inverters can control mechanical brakes with output toruque detection.
VF-S15 and VF-AS1 has special functions for hoist applications.
One of these functions supports mechanical brake control.

- High speed operation at light load
If VF-S15/VF-AS1 detecs a light load, it automatically increases the speed by utilizing tact time reduction.

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