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Catalog, manual

For distributor, only.
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Function manualApplied for
Commercial/Inverter switchingVF-A7, VF-P7
CommunicationVF-A7, VF-P7
Comply with CE marking, UL standardVF-P7
Explanation of Brake release time after run(F632)VF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of compensation coefficient for iron loss(F487)VF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of current control Proportional/ Integral gain(F374, F375)VF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of Exciting strengthening coefficient(F480), Over-excitation cooperation(F481)VF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of functions for liftVF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of high-speed operation at low-loadVF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of low level detection for VI/II input(F633)VF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of Motor switching mode selection(F182)VF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of output phase failure detection(F605)VF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of Position deviation limit(F631)VF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of rush-current suppression relay(F608, F609)VF-A7, VF-P7
Explanation of V/f adjustment coefficient (F183)VF-A7, VF-P7
Monitor counter dummy PG and Position pulseVF-A7, VF-P7
PID controlVF-A7, VF-P7
Torque after eliminating Acceleration/ Deceleration torqueVF-A7, VF-P7
Torque Command Filter/ Speed Gain Switching Function Operating ManualVF-A7, VF-P7
TOSLINE F10M Communication manualVF-A7, VF-P7, TLF001Z
Up-down frequencyVF-A7, VF-P7

Option manualApplied for
Attachment for add-on cassette (SBP001Z, SBP002Z)VF-A7, VF-P7, SBP001Z, SBP002Z
Control power supply unitVF-A7, VF-P7, CPS0011
Expansion TB (ETB001Z)VF-A7, VF-P7, ETB001Z
External heat sinkVF-S7, VF-A7, VF-P7, ATFIN7
External heat sink (over 37kW)VF-A7, VF-P7, ATFIN7
PG feedback boardVF-A7, VF-P7, VEC002Z, VEC003Z
Verctor option (VEC001Z)VF-A7, VF-P7, VEC001Z

Parameter list
Parameter list for VF-A7/P7 Ver311,312
Parameter list for VF-A7/P7 Ver315

Appication manual
Check and maintenance
Energy-saving effect with inverter driving for the control of Fans and pumps
Inverter Noise Countermeasures
Inverter's calorific value
Leakage Current
Motor-end Surge Voltage by Inverter Drive
Selecting capacity of inverter

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