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Energy saving

Effect of the energy saving for utility equipment

Fans and pumps are installed for 'exhaust and cooling' in utilities.
In almost all cases, these are many fans and pumps equipment. Usually, the control method is the number control of equipment according to the load and the operational condition of equipment.
Inverters perform a lot of energy saving effect by the most suitable output control.

[Example of several exhaust fans]
Inverters control air volumes of 4 exhaust fans in factory utility equipment instead of the number control.

[Energy saving effect and amount of CO2 reduction by inverter drive]
Number of fans: 4 pieces.
Motor capacity: 4 poles - 30kW
Operating time: 1 year (7,200 hours)

* Necessary power of the number control

* Necessary power of inverter control

* Energy saving effect

* Amount of CO2 reduction

[Calculating conditions]
* CO2 exhaust coefficient: 0.412kg/kWh

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