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Harmonics suppression converter
  • Harmonics suppression
  • Power factor / efficiency improving
  • SC7 control input voltage and input current to same phase (power factor=1) for harmonics suppression. Therefore, to use SC7 will save energy by harmonics suppression and power factor / efficiency improving.
Harmonics suppression converter

Outline of SC7
SC7 is the harmonic suppression PWM converter which is used in combination with inverter.
The Power electronics apparatus generates harmonic at power supply side.
Therefore ,while using inverter has the advatage of energy saving and improvement in controllability,the inverter may give a bad influence to the electric power equipment connected to a power supply system.
SC7 controls the input current waveform close to sinusoidal-wave by the unique control method and solves the harmonic problems at input power side of inverter, and improves power factor to 1.

Harmonics suppression effect
Input AC reactor
input current percentage of harmonics
input current percentage of harmonics