Toshiba Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation


Capacity range
3 phase 200V-0.4~90kW
3 phase 400V-0.75~630kW
3 phase 500V-1.5~500kW
3 phase 575V-2.0~700HP
3 phase 690V-2.2~630kW
3 phase 400V-0.75~90kW
ファン・ポンプ用 TOSVERT VF-PS1

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Lineup, Feature (PDF; 0.4 M byte)
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External Dimensions (PDF; 1.1 M byte)
Standard Connection, Terminal function (PDF; 0.1 M byte)
For Inverter users/Peripheral devices (PDF; 0.6 M byte)
IP54 model, Toshiba Inverter lineup, TOSVERT VF-PS1 (PDF; 0.2 M byte)
Back Cover (PDF; 0 M byte)
Parameter List (detailed) (PDF; 0.2 M byte)
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*Please refer to the "Parameter Table" of PCM002Z for the latest parameter.