Toshiba Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation

High Performance Drive TOSVERT VF-AS3

Input voltage/Capacity range
3 phase 240V-0.4~55kW(HD)
3 phase 240V-0.75~75kW(ND)
3 phase 480V-0.4~280kW(HD)
3 phase 480V-0.75~315kW(ND)
IoT/Industry 4.0 Ready High Performance Drive TOSVERT TOSVERT VF-AS3
  1. Open the carton box and trial run
  2. Detaching the cover
  3. Connection of power supply and motor
  4. Turning on the power supply
  5. Switch the operation panel display

1.Open the carton box and trial run

2.Detaching the cover

(Main circuit terminal cover for up to 240V 15kW, 480V 18.5kW) To wire the main circuit terminal for models 240V-15kW or smaller and 480V-18.5kW or smaller, remove the main circuit terminal cover in line with the steps given below.

(1)Loosen four screws of the front cover.
(2)Support both sides of the front cover, and side down slightly.
(3)Lift the front cover, and remove it from the unit.
(4)To mount, perform the procedures in reverse order.

Detaching the cover

3.Connection of power supply and motor

Please connect the power supply cable to R/L1, S/L2, T/L3 and PE. (RED area) Please connect the motor cable to U/T1, V/T2, W/T3 and PE. (BLUE area) - Regarding cable size and selection of wiring devices, please refer the list of "Wiring device".

Connection of power supply and motor

4.Turning on the power supply

Set the setup menu (Region setting) after first power on.
The procedures in this section is not necessary for subsequent power on.

Turning on the power supply1
Turning on the power supply2

5.Switch the operation panel display

Switch the operation panel display