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Compact, simple TOSVERT VF-nC3

Input voltage/Capacity range
1 phase 100V-0.1~0.75kW
1 phase 200V-0.1~2.2kW
3 phase 200V-0.1~3.7kW
(Applied for 3 phase 200V motor)
簡単・小型 TOSVERT VF-nC3
  1. Detaching the cover
  2. Connection of power supply and motor
  3. Turning on the power supply
  4. How to Set the Setup Menu
  5. Panel operation

1.Detaching the cover

(Opening the terminal cover) Use the following procedure to remove both the upper and lower terminal block covers.

Detaching the cover

Detaching the cover

2.Connection of power supply and motor

Please connect the power supply cable to R/L1, S/L2 and T/L3. (RED area) Please connect the motor cable to U/T1, V/T2 and W/T3. (BLUE area) - Regarding cable size and selection of wiring devices, please refer the list of "Wiring device".

Connection of power supply and motor

3.Turning on the power supply

When turning on the power supply, the VF-nC3 indicates H A L L O , first. After that, it changes S E T , automatically.

4.How to Set the Setup Menu

Set the setup menu according to the logic for control input signals used and the base frequency of the motor connected.

Setup menu

5.Panel operation

The default setting of VF-nC3 series is operated by the operation panel. - RUN and STOP by RUN/STOP keys - Frequency setting by the setting dial on operation panel


Frequency setting