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Product information

  1. Optional devices
  2. AC reactor
  3. DC reactor
  4. EMI filter
  5. Braking resistor
  6. dv/dt filter
  7. Remote keypad
  8. USB converter unit
  9. for each series
Name Function, purpose etc...
Breaker (MCCB)
Magnet contactor (MC)
AC reactor (AC choke) The AC reactor is for 'Harmonics reduction', 'Power factor improvement' and 'Protected by external surge voltage'.
EMI filter The EMI filter is for 'Electromagnetic noise reduction'.
Inverter TOSVERT VF series
DC reator (DC choke) The DC reator is for 'Harmonics reduction' and 'Power factor improvement'.
Braking resistor The braking resistor is for a rapid decelerating operation or a lift application. This resistor is discharging 'regenerated power' from a motor.
dv/dt filter The dv/dt filter is for surge voltage reduction on 400V class motor.
Remote panel The remote panel can be used for an inverter operation outside of a cabinet. This operation method is the same as an operation panel of an inverter.
USB converter unit This USB converter unit can be used for connecting between an inverter and a personal computer. The maintenance software, PCM002Z, supports 'parameter management', 'tracing the status' and so on.

Verified OS:Microsoft ®Windows®8/10

Communication cable This communication cable is for a remote panel and USB converter unit.
for each series There are various optional devices for each inverter series.