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Braking resistor

Braking resistor This operation is used when sudden deceleration or stops are frequently performed, or whenthe deceleration time must be shortened on loads having a large inertia.This resistor is for taking up energy during power generation braking.It is necessary to install a braking unit with a braking resistor for VF-AS1 200kW or larger, VF-PS1 250kW or larger and VF-nC3.
Notice: The VF-FS1 series can not connect a braking resistor.

External dimensions, connection diagram

- Braking resistor (Unit type)

Braking resistor Braking resistorBraking resistor Braking resistor Braking resistor

Standard typePBR-200742182204.2172-0.28AD
400W classPBR7-004W***120320115110230483.4BE
800W classPBR7-008W***1203501901102301505.4
1.5kW classPBR7-017W***2404301901904145210C
3.5kW classPBR7-035W***39544532042919
5kW classPBR7-052W***3956161903206005229

Note 1) *** in the type-form are numeric character. Please refer the "Selection of braking resistor" in each inverter catalogue ( VF-AS1, VF-PS1, VF-S15, VF-S11 ).
Note 2) The rating shows the synthetic resistor value (Ohm) and the synthetic resistor power (Wait). The word in the parentheses shows the composition of resistor elements.
Note 3) The allowable continuous regenerative power differs on the resistor value or power tolerance. Please refer the "Selection of braking resistor" in each inverter catalogue( VF-AS1, VF-PS1, VF-S15, VF-S11 ).

- Braking resistor (DGP600 series)
Braking resistor
Braking resistor

Note 1) In case of 400V class, please apply the 200V to the operation circuit by using control transformer or 200V power supply.
Note 2) Please twist the wire by 10 cm pitch. The distance between resistor power wiring and the control wiring should be over 20 cm.
Note 3) In case of TOSHIBA thermal relay, please make a short circuit with 8 mm2 wire between the 2/T1 and 6/T3 of the thermal relay.
Note 4) In case of VFAS1 200kW or larger, VF-PS1 250kW or larger, it is necessary to install a braking unit (PB7 series).

StandardWith drip covermmmmmmmmSetting
DGP600W-B1DGP600W-C11.7 ohm-3.4kW283/303207/192620/700725/780GH46TH65U(34~50A)50
DGP600W-B2DGP600W-C23.7 ohm-7.4kW493/513417/402620/700725/780GH44TH65U(34~50A)100
DGP600W-B3DGP600W-C31.9 ohm-8.7kW703/723627/612620/700725/780GH71TH125U(65~95A)150
DGP600W-B3DGP600W-C32.5 ohm-10.5kW703/723627/612620/700725/780GH65TH125U(65~95A)150
DGP600W-B3DGP600W-C35 ohm-10kW703/723627/612620/700725/780GH45TH65U(85~125A)150
DGP600W-B4DGP600W-C41.4 ohm-14kW913/933837/822620/700725/780GH110TH125U(85~125A)200
DGP600W-B4DGP600W-C41.7 ohm-10kW913/933837/822620/700725/780GH77TH125U(65~95A)200

Note 1) The braking resistors are designed for indoor type. Please use them with drip cover in case of water drop. But please note it is not for water proof protection type.
Note 2) A,D,E,F are the dimensions of standard type. A1,D1,E1,F1 are the dimensions of those with drip cover type.