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Capacity range
3ph 200V-0.4~30kW
3ph 400V-0.4~75kW
3ph 400V-0.75~75kW (IP54)
  1. Half installation space and less wiring
  2. Reactor-less harmonics reduction and high-frequency noise reduction
  3. Long life and easy maintenance
  4. Special softwares for fan and pump application are built-in
  5. More energy saving and easier operation
  6. Communications software and options

1.Harmonics Reduction, Power Factor Improvement

Half installation space and less wiring

Reactor-less harmonic suppress technologies and builtin filter reduce 50% of installation space, save time and cost of wiring. And side-by-side installation realizes effective utilization of space in control panels.

2.Reactor-less harmonics reduction and high-frequency noise reduction

Harmonics reduction, Power factor improvement

Toshiba unique technologies suppress harmonics, particularly 5th and 7th harmonic current that affect power sources. And the power factor in all models has been improved. Harmonics are controlled to within the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of international standard IEC61000-3-12 without any external reactor. ( Rsce >= 120 )

Relative harmonic content, Input/output current comparison
Effect of built-in filter

High-frequency noise reduction

High-frequency noise is drastically reduced on models with built-in noise filters. Built-in noise filters are ideal for office, commercial facilities, and factories where special attention for peripheral devices are needed. Compared with existing model, less space and wiring are realized by incorporating filter in the panel. In addition, models with built-in EMC noise filter comply with the European EMC Directive as individual inverter units.

European EMC Directive:
IEC/EN61800-3,1st Environment,C2
IEC/EN61800-3,2nd Environment,C3
Effect of built-in filter
400V class models :
EMI noise filter
(complies with the European EMC Directive) built-in standard
200V class models :
Basic noise filter
(not complies with the European EMC Directive) built-in standard

3.Long life and easy maintenance

15 years life designed main capacitors
An alarm warns when the main circuit capacitors, circuit boards capacitors, or cooling fan needs to be replaced.
Cooling fan’s On/Off control extend its life
Easy replacement of cooling fan by one touch
The inverter unit can be replaced by removable terminal block without disconnecting cables.

Long life main film capacitors, Cooling fan, Removable control terminal board

4.Special softwares for fan and pump application are built-in

For exemplum :Fire control enables forced operation

Ideal functions are built-in for fan and pump application.

The local or remote operation can be selected by one touch.
Bumpless function realize seamless operation between local and remote.
Fire control enables forced operation in emergency. In case of emergency, forced control will run by specified frequency. The forced operation signal will be saved when the signal turns ON. Motor does not stop in the event of the occurrence of a soft fault.
Speed reference can manage on/off operation. (sleep function) Low current detection can notice a broken belt or low load for pump application
PTC thermistor input
Built-in RS485 (TOSHIBA/Modbus protocol) communication as standard. Optional fieldbuses for LONWORKS®, BACnet®, Metasys®N2 and APOGEE® FLN as built in option. LONWORKS® is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation.
BACnet® is a registered trademark of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Incorporated.
Metasys®N2 is a registered trademark of Johnson Controls, Incorporated.
APOGEE® FLN is a registered trademark of Siemens Building Technologies, Incorporated.

5.More energy saving and easier operation

Effect of advanced energy-saving mode

More energy saving

The advanced energy-saving mode optimizes fan and pump efficiency even at normally inefficient in low speeds.
The effect can be monitored by operation panel or through serial communication data.

Output power monitor
Quick setting wizard

Easy operation

A wizard function enable set the 10 most often used parameter quickly. It can be sequentially, such as installing the PC software.
Macro function for basic parameters by one setting is available as shown below.
. The coast stop
. The 3-wire operation
. External input UP/DOWN setting
. 4 to 20mA current input operation
The startup or adjustments are supported by the history function that displays the latest 5 changed parameters.

6.Communications software and options

Communications software

Communications software

The PCM001Z communications software allows you to edit, monitor, and trace parameter data on a PC. It realize easier data management for commissioning and maintenance.

USB communications conversion unit

USB communications conversion unit

This is a unit which converts USB port signal to VF inverter serial port for data communication. Optional cables to USB and inverter unit are required. By using serial data communication, all parameters and monitoring data can be accessed for commissioning and maintenance.



Built-in HVAC fieldbuses option are available to communicate with a host controller for centralized control.
. BACnet®
. Metasys® N2

LED extension panel

LED extension panel

The panel with 20 mm height LEDs displays frequency and parameters very clearly at sight.
In addition, it can save and download up to three sets of individual parameters as a parameter writer.

External EMC directive compliant noise reduction filter

External EMC directive compliant noise reduction filter

It can be complied to the following directives by installing this filter

400V class:
IEC/EN61800-3,1st Environment,C1
IEC/EN61800-3, 1st Environment,C2
200V class:
IEC/EN61800-3,1st Environment,C2
IEC/EN61800-3,2nd Environment,C3