Toshiba Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation

Product information

TOSHIBA inverter line-up

  • 0.1kW
  • 0.4Kw
  • 3.7kW
  • 15kW
  • 18.5kW
  • 30kW
  • 315kW
  • VF-AS3
  • VF-MB1
  • VF-S15
  • VF-FS1
  • VF-nC3

TOSHIBA inverter series

The TOSHIBA inverter drives 3 phase induction motor at any speed easily. The Toshiba inverter can be used for energy saving and the other various usages.

Features of the TOSHIBA inverter

  • Built-in noise filter (VF-AS3, VF-S15, VF-FS1)
  • Harmonics reduction (VF-AS3, VF-FS1)
  • Complied with UL, CE and CSA at all series
  • Open field network

Note: Please refer each inverter series about details.