Toshiba Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation

Compact TOSVERT VF-S15

Input voltage/Capacity range
1 phase 240V-0.2~2.2kW
3 phase 240V-0.4~15kW
3 phase 500V-0.4~15kW
Compact TOSVERT VF-S15

California Proposition 65 Warning

For distributor, only.
Manuals in website are latest information.
VF-S15 Manual (PDF; 4.8 M byte)

Function manual Applied for
Application samples of My function-S VF-S15
CANopen Communication Function Manual VF-S15
CC-LINK communication option function manual VF-S15, CCL003Z
DeviceNet Option VF-MB1, VF-S15, DEV003Z
EtherCAT option VF-MB1, VF-S15, IPE003Z
EtherNet/IP - Modbus TCP option VF-MB1, VF-S15, IPE002Z
Explanation of Load reduction VF-S15
Functions for lift application Instruction Manual VF-S15
Hit and stop control Instruction Manual VF-S15
Low voltage operation Instruction Manual VF-S15
PID control Instruction Manual VF-S15
RS485 Communication Function Instruction Manual VF-S15
Shock monitoring function Instruction Manual VF-S15
Trace function VF-S15
Traverse control Instruction Manual VF-S15

Option manual Applied for
Communication option precautions Manual VF-S15, VF-MB1
EMI filter for CE marking VF-S11, VF-FS1, VF-S15, EMFS11-****
Multi-Loader VF-S15, VF-nC3, VF-MB1, PWU003Z
NEMA type1 Kit VF-S15
Option Adapter VF-S15, SBP009Z
Optional Control Power Supply Backup VF-S15, VF-AS1, VF-PS1, CPS002Z
Remote Keypad VF-S15, VF-AS1, VF-PS1, VF-FS1, VF-S11, VF-nC3, RKP002Z
Remote Keypad VF-S15, VF-nC3, VF-FS1, RKP007Z
Trace Tool Instruction Manual VF-S15, PCT002Z

Appication manual
Check and maintenance
Energy-saving effect with inverter driving for the control of Fans and pumps
Inverter Noise Countermeasures
Inverter's calorific value
Leakage Current
Motor-end Surge Voltage by Inverter Drive
Selecting capacity of inverter
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