Toshiba Toshiba Schneider Inverter Corporation

Compact Simple TOSVERT VF-nC3

Input voltage/Capacity range
1 phase 100V-0.1~0.75kW
1 phase 200V-0.1~2.2kW
3 phase 200V-0.1~3.7kW
(Applied for 3 phase 200V motor)
簡単・小型 TOSVERT VF-nC3

Standard specificaitons

Item Specification
Input voltage class 1-phase 120V / 1-phase 240V / 3-phase 240V
Applicable motor (kW) 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.75 1.5 2.2 3.7
Model Input voltage class Type-form VFNC3/VFNC3S
1-phase 120V VFNC3S- 1001P 1002P 1004P 1007P - - -
1-phase 240V VFNC3S- 2001PL 2002PL 2004PL 2007PL 2015PL 2022PL -
3-phase 240V VFNC3- 2001P 2002P 2004P 2007P 2015P 2022P 2037P
Rating Output capacity (kVA) Note 1) 0.3 0.6 1.0 1.6 3.0 4.2 6.7
Note 2)
1-phase 120V 0.7(0.7) 1.4(1.4) 2.4(2.4) 4.2(4.0) - - -
1-phase 240V 0.7(0.7) 1.4(1.4) 2.4(2.4) 4.2(3.2) 7.5(7.5) 10.0(9.1) -
3-phase 240V 0.7(0.7) 1.4(1.4) 2.4(2.4) 4.2(3.6) 7.5(7.5) 10.0(8.5) 16.7(14.0)
Output voltage Note 3) 3-phase 200 to 240V
Power supply Voltage-frequency 1-phase 120V class: 1-phase 100V to 120V - 50/60Hz
1-phase 240V class: 1-phase 200V to 240V - 50/60Hz
3-phase 240V class: 3-phase 200V to 240V - 50/60Hz
Allowable fluctuation 1-phase 120V class: Voltage 85 to 132V Note 4), frequency +/-5%
1-phase 240V class: Voltage 170 to 264V Note 4), frequency +/-5%
3-phase 240V class: Voltage 170 to 264V Note 4), frequency +/-5%
Feature Output voltage range Adjustable within the range of 50 to 330V by correcting the supply voltage (not adjustable above the input voltage) Note 3)
Output frequency range 0.1 to 400Hz, default setting: 0.5 to 80Hz, maximum frequency: 30 to 400Hz
Voltage / frequency
V/f constant mode, variable torque mode, automatic torque boost mode, vector control mode, automatic energy-saving mode. Auto-tuning.
Overload current rating 150%-60 seconds
Functions PID control, regenerative power ride-through control, auto-restart control, dynamic deceleration control, frequency UP/DOWN input control, 3-wire control, RS485 communication(2-wire), programmable input/output terminal, voltage/current analogue output, pulse train output, parts replacement alarming signal monitor/output, detailed monitor display at trip, free unit selection, password lock, guidance
Environments Use environments Indoor, not exposed to direct sunlight, without corrosive gas, explosive gas, oil mist, dust and dirt etc
Altitude: 3000m max.(output current needs to be reduced for altitude above 1000m)
Vibration: less than 5.9m/s2 (10 to 55Hz)
Ambient temperature /
Relative humidity
-10 to + 60 degreeC (Above 40 degreeC, remove the protective seal from the top face, and use the inverter with the output current reduced) / 5 to 95% (free from condensation and vapor).
Protective method / cooling method IP 20 Enclosed type (IEC60529) / Self-cooling (0.4kW or less of 1-phase 120V input class) IP20 / Forced air-cooled
Built-in filter 1-phase 240V class: High attenuation EMI filter, 1-phase 120V class and 3-phase 240V class: no filter

Note 1) Output capacity is calculated at 220V.
Note 2) In case of the PWM carrier frequency setting: 4kHz or less. Value in parentheses indicates in case of 5kHz to 12kHz. It is necessary to further reduce the output current in case of 13kHz or more. Default setting: 12kHz
Note 3) Maximum output voltage is the same as the input voltage. In case of 1-phase 120V class, maximum output voltage is the same as twice the input voltage.
Note 4) +/-10% when the inverter is used continuously (load of 100%).